IASTA Membership

Explore the advantages of membership to IASTA and sign up or renew your annual subscription.

IASTA Membership

The Irish Agricultural Science Teachers’ Association (IASTA). IASTA is an organisation for teachers by teachers. The aim is to represent the subject and its teachers and serve to provide ongoing resources and support. Membership is available to any teacher in Ireland.

The benefits of IASTA Membership include:

- Online access to classroom resources (e.g. PowerPoint Presentations, Assessment for Learning tools, photo and video galleries and much more)

- An online forum to discuss the teaching of Ag Science with fellow members.

- A membership pack to include small items for use in the Ag Science classroom (e.g. fertiliser samples, feed samples, small tools used in farming). Note: This pack is normally distributed to members at various events throughout the year.

- Workshops (held across the country) on practical assessment in Ag Science.

- Teacher trip to farms, meat processing plants etc (details to be announced soon)

- Access to contact information for farmers open to Ag Science classes (coming soon).

As IASTA are moving from paper to online membership, and some members may have only joined recently, it was decided that the membership fee will be reduced by 50% for 2014. Members with any questions should contact info@iasta.ie. To become a member, click on the Sign Up button below and enter your details. You can pay online using PayPal.